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The company Zfishing Sport Wholesale was established in 2007. At the begining we focused primary on Czech market as a wholesale distributor of popular european brands. In 2015 own brand Zfish was born and because of it's friendly ratio quality/price became Zfish brand very quickly popular not only in Czech Republic but also in other european countries. In 2017 we joined EFTTA (EUROPEAN FISHING TACKLE TRADE ASSOCIATION).

Many members of our team are experienced and passionate anglers, which means we care a lot about our products and we make sure our products satisfy the highest requirements of demanding anglers. We are wholesale company. We offer over 3500 products which are available year-round. Every year we add new items and we follow modern fishing trends.

We rebranded ZFISH identity in 2019. New modern logo in natural green colors represents our values and dynamic development over last years. ZFISH is here for a better catch!

Our visions are clearly defined.

  • We provide our bussiness partners with excellent trade conditions

  • Most of our products are always available in our warehouse

  • Our headquarters is in the middle of the EU which means we can deliver products for best possible prices or for free (orders over 500€)

  • Products will be sent within 24 hours after placing the order. Most of the EU orders will be delivered within 2-4 days

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